Lexi helps write fantastic essays that are fully thought out and is able to understand the topics needed in order to get perfect grades on papers. -David Udine, Finance, MBA

As a science person, language and writing are just not my forte. Lexi helped me to craft the perfect personal statement that allowed me to stand out and get into NYU college of dentistry! Forever grateful. – Taylor Light, Dental School

As an Engineering and Pre-Medical student, I became a more technical thinker. When it was time to write my personal statement for medical school, I found myself struggling and I knew I needed a English tutor. After exploring many options, Lexi Lampner turned out to be the perfect match. She not only was able to help me construct a beautiful personal statement, but also shaped me into a strong writer and reader in general. She was always very professional, dependable, encouraging and so passionate and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else more highly for all your English and Literature needs. – Jesse Cohen, Biological Engineer 

Lexi is an outstanding writer and amazing teacher. Would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to enhance their work – Joe B, BA, Fordham Law, Queens District Attorneys Office 

With Lexi’s help, I was able to confidently excel in my English courses. She is highly skilled in language and writing, and is professional and timely along the way. She is a “go-to” when it comes to killing it in language and the humanities – Jarrod Freedman 

As someone who struggled with writing growing up I always knew I would face constant challenges. When I got to college I knew the intensity would only pick up. Thankfully, i got introduced to Lexi who helped me not only with my writing but really understand the message I was trying to get across. We sat down for a while and she helped me brainstorm ideas and put my thoughts together. She taught me how to be more creative and I still use her methods today! Thank you Lexi! – Zach Eisner

when it comes to getting help with anything “writing” related, Lexi is the best person to go to. She is an incredible writer and has so many amazing tips and tools when it comes to strengthening my essays. Also, she was super responsive and was always quick and happy to answer any questions I had!  -Hannah Moss

Lexi was a huge help throughout college. She helped me with my history, humanities, and English classes. Always willing to do what it takes to make sure my grammar was perfect, I met my word count, and delivered an amazing essay  with well thought out content. She was constantly helping me achieve my goals of receiving As in these classes. – Emily Shanker 

Grateful to have worked with Lexi! As an international student, she helped me clean up my writing always giving me clear and sincere advice. Would 100% work with her again! -Melany Rosencwaig 

Lexi helped my daughter who was struggling in her high school English classes. She is a stellar tutor and shows results! My daughter was able to better read and write, as well as earn good grades. I would recommend her to anyone! -Kim, high school parent