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  • Transforming Cheshvan

    Transforming Cheshvan

    First published on How to protect yourself from the world: build an ark. When the world is flooded with the chaos of 24/7 news channels broadcasting the latest tragic event, people are unfriendly in the streets, and nothing seems to go “right,” build an ark. Not one that houses couples of animals, but one…

  • The End of Chaos

    The End of Chaos

    “The Initial Mystery that attends any journey is: how did the traveler reach his starting point in the first place?” There’ve been big events worldwide and today I head to Miami for the first time in 11 months. Last time I was home, my experience in using the word “pandemic” had been when my debate…

  • On Preciousness

    On Preciousness

    I listen to rainfall and hear its tracks, as it meets the metal of my balcony and makes its way down gutters and onto pavement. It’s been raining since, at the very least, the dead early hours of the morning. Tempted to create or work, I remind myself it’s four o’clock on a Sunday morning.…

  • Utopia Now

    Utopia Now

    Meditating on utopia, I observe my interaction with the world like a child. It’s with curiosity and an acknowledgement of my separateness from the world that I find utopia. I realize “utopia” is a loaded term, but nonetheless there’s room for it in our vocabulary if we interact with the word thoughtfully and playfully. It…

  • #UNLITTER Minnesota

    #UNLITTER Minnesota

    Launching #UNLITTER Minnesota to advocate for living simpler lives and taking care of our Earth to create more space for inner peace.

  • On Orange Slices

    On Orange Slices

    It’s a cold morning. The kind where the cold nibbles, and the sun suggests it will burn off. Our star gently illuminates a new day. I sit. My yoga mat separates me from the floor pavement of a garage rooftop. I bare the cold. I seek to synchronize my breath with the wind. On my…

  • Clearing Sunday

    Clearing Sunday

    On sinuses and clearing space.

  • The Move

    The Move

    Originally posted on LinkedIn, here’s the story of my trek from balmy Miami Beach to the Minnesota tundra, all on a leap of faith.

  • On Bread and Presence

    On Bread and Presence

    Why are we making fun of people baking bread? I’d rather know about yeast than the Kardashians.

  • Why Are Millennials Baking So Much Banana Bread?

    Why Are Millennials Baking So Much Banana Bread?

    Sam writes on how banana bread came to define how our generation as a baked good that exists in purgatory.